Monthly Review (November 2011)

Girl with Book and Bench-Sitters in Fountain Square 07/1973

Thinking Back

I started off November with a clear purpose: to read at least one book a day for the whole month. Well, I didn’t end up doing that, but I DID read a lot more books this month than I thought I would!

Some other exciting things happened, too. It was my third blogoversary this month! I’ve been blogging for three years now; can you believe it? I also joined the Singapore National Library, which means I can check out lots of awesome ebooks (I’ll be writing a post about the SNL next week). I opened sign-ups for the Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange (emails will be going out on Saturday!). I got a set date on when we’re moving out of Albuquerque to SoCal! I got all caught up on my reviews. And I think I’ve pretty much finalized my blogging goals for 2012.

For December, I’m going to try to do the following:
1. Pack at least one box a day (although I need to buy more boxes, so…).
2. Read at least three books a week.
3. Stay caught up on my reviews.
4. Comment on at least six other blogs a week. Plus stay caught up on replies here at Birdbrain(ed).

The end of the year is always weird for me. While I’m excited about Christmas and the holidays and possible snow, I’m also already thinking about the new year and all the things I want to do in it– both online and offline stuff. I’m hoping that by moving to California I’ll not only be able to become employed, but I’ll also be able to be a lot more involved in real-world book things. I think doing that will both give me some interesting things to write about here on the blog, but it’ll make me happier overall.

Reading Stats

20 total books read
29!! total books reviewed
18 ebooks
0 audiobooks
2 pbooks

Top 3 Books

141. Ashes – Ilsa J. Bick [rating: 4] e
148. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow – Jessica Day George [rating: 5] e
150. Cocaine Blues – Kerry Greenwood [rating: 4] e

Mrs. Linthicum and Mrs. Stephen [i.e. Steven] Ayres (LOC)

Books Read

See here (this post is long enough without sticking another huge list in it).

Books Reviewed

124. Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 1 – CLAMP [rating: 4]
125. Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 2 – CLAMP [rating: 3.5]
126. Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 3 – CLAMP [rating: 3.5]
127. The Boneshaker – Kate Milford [rating: 4.5]
128. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making – Catherynne M. Valente [rating: 5]
129. Prince of Persia: The Graphic Novel – AB Sina [rating: 2]
130. Murder at the Vicarage – Agatha Christie [rating: 4] e
131. Agatha Christie: An Autobiography – Agatha Christie [rating: 4.5]
132. Boxer, Beetle – Ned Beauman [rating: 4] R
133. Fiction Ruined My Family – Jeanne Darst [rating: 4.5]
134. The Dollhouse Murders – Betty Ren Wright [rating: 2]
137. The Time Travelers – Linda Buckley-Archer [rating: 3.5]
138. The Hottest Dishes in the Tartar Cuisine – Alina Bronsky [rating: 3]
139. The Eye of the Warlock – P.W. Catanese [rating: 2.5]
140. Bright Young Things – Anna Godbersen [rating: 4] e
141. Ashes – Ilsa J. Bick [rating: 4] e
142. Bird – Rita Murphy [rating: 3] e
143. The Battle of the Sun – Jeanette Winterson [rating: 3] e
144. A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness [rating: 3.5] e
145. Bone Rattler – Eliot Pattison [rating: 4] e
146. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding – Agatha Christie [rating: 3] e
147. The Neddiad – Daniel Pinkwater [rating: 3] e
148. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow – Jessica Day George [rating: 5] e
149. Billy Boyle: A World War II Mystery – James R. Benn [rating: 3.5] e
150. Cocaine Blues – Kerry Greenwood [rating: 4] e
151. Flying Too High – Kerry Greenwood [rating: 4] e
152. Murder on the Ballarat Train – Kerry Greenwood [rating: 4] e
153. London Calling – Edward Bloor [rating: 3] e
154. The Whole Story of Half a Girl – Veera Hiranandani [rating: 3] e

Winter fun

Poll Results

November’s readers poll was about whether or not you’re on track to meet your goals for this year (reading or otherwise)! Here’s the results:

Personally, I WAS on track at the beginning of November, and now…I’m not. But I’m fine with that! And I think next year I’m going to have a more reasonable (for me) goal of reading 3 books a week (which equals 156 books). If I make it past that, then hurrah!

Check out the polls archive page for past polls and voting results. This month’s poll will be up later today!

Other Stuff

1 book added to my paper TBR pile. 0 were read right away, 1 other was read during the month. 179 total paper books TBR now.
1 book added to my TBR wishlist (249 total, 228 TBR).

Possibly Interesting Posts

Photograph of Seward and Susitna [Alaska] mail team

2 thoughts on “Monthly Review (November 2011)”

  1. You had an amazing month! I didn’t manage to read a book a day either in November but I wouldn’t mind trying it again this month! I can’t wait to read your post on SNL. I’m pretty curious about it. Another blogger told me about Free Library of Philadelphia. It’s $35 a year but it’s well worth it.

    Happy blogiversary!

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