Monthly Review (September 2011)

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Thinking Back

Ugh, is it really October already? Where did the year go? It still feels like it should be summer or something.

September was a really fun month for me, though. I loved participating in Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I did basically everything I said I wanted to do in September, plus more. There were a few bumps along the road, sure, but I have a good feeling about October and all the things I’m planning to do for the rest of the year. If I can keep from getting completely burnt out on stuff, I should be fine.

One of the things I noticed was that I don’t have any 5 bird-rated books this month. Normally I have at least one, and to not have any is a bit weird. Am I being overly critical re:rating books now? Maybe I just didn’t read any overtly amazing books this month. Don’t know.

In October I want to do the following:
Read at least 15 books, at least half of them pre-September TBR books. I’d like to keep working on Spaceship Eclectic before my procrastination tendencies cause it to die before it’s even off the ground. I’d like to cut back to maybe two or three reviews a week instead of four/five, so I’m not burning out on blogging again at the end of the month. And I’d like to also finish playing Portal, even though it’s starting to freak me out.

Reading Stats

11 total books read
20 total books reviewed
2 ebooks
0 audiobooks
9 pbooks

8 were by authors new to me
1 were rereads!

Top 3 Books

110. Bluefish – Pat Schmatz R
112. Life: An Exploded Diagram – Mal Peet R
113. Mister Creecher – Chris Priestley B

Railroad Viaduct in Keene New Hampshire

Books Read

107. Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars – Nick James B
108. Down the Mysterly River – Bill Willingham B
109. 13 Little Blue Envelopes – Maureen Johnson e
110. Bluefish – Pat Schmatz R
111. The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1 – PJ Haarsma e
112. Life: An Exploded Diagram – Mal Peet R
113. Mister Creecher – Chris Priestley B
114. Someone Like You – Sarah Dessen
115. The Letter, the Witch and the Ring – John Bellairs *
116. The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography – Tetsu Saiwai R
117. Gandhi: A Manga Biography – Kazuki Ebine R

Books Reviewed

79. The Implosion of Aggie Winchester – Lara Zielin R
83. Jane-Emily – Patricia Clapp
66. Steinbeck’s Ghost – Lewis Buzbee
89. Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti – Genevieve Valentine e
91. Hounded – Kevin Hearne e
92. The Warded Man – Peter V. Brett e
93. The Summoning – Kelley Armstrong
94. The Awakening – Kelley Armstrong e
95. The Reckoning – Kelley Armstrong e
98. The Unwanteds – Lisa McMann R
99. iDrakula – Bekka Black e
100. A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains – Isabella L. Bird e
101. Bliss – Lauren Myracle
102. Feed – Mira Grant e
103. Storm Glass – Maria V. Snyder e
106. Irma Voth – Miriam Toews R
107. Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars – Nick James B
108. Down the Mysterly River – Bill Willingham B
109. 13 Little Blue Envelopes – Maureen Johnson e
113. Mister Creecher – Chris Priestley B

Pine Crest School student carving a Halloween pumpkin: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Poll Results

Image of September's reader poll

Yeah, I WISH the weather was actually turning cooler. It’s maybe five degrees less hot than it was in August, but that ain’t saying much when the sun is still trying to eat my brain.

Check out the new polls archive page for past polls and voting results. New poll will be up later today!

Other Stuff

  • 7? books added to my TBR pile, 2 read right away, 186total unread now.
  • 4 books added to my TBR wishlist (244 total, 227 TBR).

Possibly interesting posts

"'A souvenir of today at Cudgewa 25.10.16.' It looks something like a Red Cross meeting, but it's just the normal state of patriotic girls during the Great War." - Cudgewa, Victoria, 25 October 1916 / photographer unknown

Have a great October, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Monthly Review (September 2011)”

  1. For me, I’m lucky if I end up with a five in a given month. I’m really stingy with my five-star ratings! Usually an average rating of 3.8-4 is a good month for me (yes, I average my monthly ratings!). Can’t wait to hear about Spaceship Eclectic!

    I’m sorry it’s not getting cooler where you are! I woke up this morning to 40 degrees and raining. Helloooo, October! I think I’d like the sun back.

    1. I’ve definitely gotten stingier, which I suppose could be a good thing? It’ll be easier to pick out the truly excellent books, then.

  2. This year *has* flown by. I feel like I missed summer completely, and September was a blink. I usually can’t count on having a 5 start sort of book once a month. It’s been since July since I’ve had one, but that’s probably my own fault for not reading enough books in month. Turns out if you only read something like 4 books in a month, the odds are not as good of you having read a 5 star book. Ah well, I can’t complain. My reading this month certainly wasn’t bad (even it it wasn’t *great*)!

    It got super cold here today. And still rainy. I’m sooo ready to trade in all this rain we’ve been getting for a sunny, crisp fall days full of pumpkins and apple cider and nice autumn-y things.

    1. Autumn is almost always disappointing. I keep expecting it to look like those ads from the 1950s, with pumpkins and leaves turning orange and people in sweater sets and stuff, but it never does. 😉

  3. Some months just aren’t five-star book months. I didn’t have any awesome books last month AND I was a total failure AGAIN at writing reviews. I too am stingy with many-star ratings, and I’ve gotten stingier over the years as I’ve noticed a tendency, when I go back and look at old reviews, to like books less in retrospect. I always want to go back and take away stars. (But I don’t.)

    1. Now that I’ve got my spiffy new rating guidelines in place, I totally want to go back and re-rate stuff. But I don’t, because that’s cheating, kind of. 🙁

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