Monthly Wrap-up (October 2013)

I just got an update for the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin (affiliate link), and look what I can do now! No more staring at the screen for two hours copy-pasting links and formatting HTML! Yay!!

This post features some patterns I made at Colourlovers, which has sucked up a lot of my reading time lately. Click on the pattern to visit its page at Colourlovers.



169. The City of Fire – Laurence Yep
170. Dial-a-Ghost – Eva Ibbotson
171. Treasure Of Green Knowe – L.M. Boston *
172. The Ruby in the Smoke – Phillip Pullman
173. Pandemonium – Daryl Gregory
174. Mort – Terry Pratchett
175. 14 – Peter Clines a
176. Sideways Stories From Wayside School – Louis Sachar
177. Chicken with Plums – Marjane Satrapi
178. Uzumaki vol. 1 – Junji Ito
179. Making Masterpiece – Rebecca Eaton R
180. Small Steps – Louis Sachar
181. Sparks – S.J. Adams

Favorite book read: Sparks! Followed closely by Pandemonium and 14.

Sidenote: at this point I’m about 30-ish reviews “behind.” I haven’t even reviewed books I read in September yet! (Maybe because I got sucked into writing reviews for books from July.) Le sigh.

Non-Review Posts

This is the month I also watched the first two seasons of Rizzoli and Isles! omg, so good. I love the relationships between all the characters, and how it’s a mystery/crime/cop show that doesn’t resort to tons of “black humor” puns to keep things interesting. I’ve got the third season ready to be watched and I’m VERY EXCITED.

(I also watched the first two seasons of The Nanny! Actually, I watched a lot of TV shows in October, which might account for not having written THAT many reviews. And for taking two weeks to read one book.)

What was the best book you read in October?

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