More awesome than even a hot dog with all the fixings

a.k.a. interesting links and whatnot.

Nymeth (Things Mean A Lot) had some really nice things to say about writing book reviews. I especially liked how she talked about the differences in what a blogger focuses on in their reviews, and that all all approaches to a review are equally valid.

Diane von Furstenberg is coming out with these very fashionable Kindle 2 covers. Here I am sitting in a jealous rage– is there something equivalent for Sony Readers?!

Becky (Becky’s Book Reviews) really struck a chord with me in her post Imagine a blog(ger) without guilt. As a blogger you do tend to feel pressured to post post post, and when you can’t keep up with that pace you feel like a failure. Which is STUPID because blogging honestly isn’t a competition unless you make it into one, and I’m gonna try to remember that whenever I worry about not posting for a few days.

I’ve also found this blog that I wanted to put the spotlight on for a bit: Steampunk Scholar, where this dude named Mike writes about steampunk and stuff! And he’s a really good writer, too! Yay!

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