Music to read books to

I like having music playing almost constantly; it’s relaxing, and depending on the type of music it can actually help me concentrate on whatever I’m doing.

Like reading books! (Or soon, studying.) I’ve found that instrumental, acoustic and New Age music work best for when I’m doing something involving a lot of words. Anything an especially upbeat sound trips me up– I start paying more attention to the songs than what I’m doing. Lyrics seem to be okay, but only if they’re surrounded by a softer melody.

Mostly I listen to music through Spotify,1 which has a ton of great playlists for all kinds of moods and genres and decades and whatnot. Here’s one of my current favorite playlists, which has a good mix of mellow and sunshine-y pop songs:

Try playing a song or two while reading a chapter of your current book, and see if it works for you, too!

I also like jazz! And Hawaiian music, and something called “new retro” songs which are excellent for when I’m reading mysteries and such.

What music do you like listening to when you read?

  1. this is not a sponsored post, btw.

2 thoughts on “Music to read books to”

  1. Sometimes, depending if its a book that has been made into a movie, I like to read while listening to the soundtrack of the movie. Good examples would be Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia. Just makes everything so grand.

  2. I am still a bit old fashioned and tend to read direct from my Amazon cloud reader on computer and I always like to have something rolling in the background – can be anything I fancy at the time really. But, we’ve recently have acquired a dog – a big Husky – I’m looking after him for my son. He absolutely loves Coldplay. I prop my office door open and stick on the ‘best of’ loop on Youtube and he listens as happy as a sandbag! . . . so, it’s Coldplay while I’m reading at the moment!

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