My 2014 TBR Project

I have been talking about my 2014 To be Read Project for a few weeks now but have neglected to actually explain it! It’s actually not that big of a deal: basically I’m going to read a crapload of my TBR books this year.

At the end of December I went through my unread books and got rid of the ones I couldn’t see myself reading within the next year. Mostly that meant old ARCs from various book conferences (including BEA 2011!), and as of the start of 2014 I had approximately 275 TBR books in both ebook and paper format. (I’m not counting audiobooks because I decided to be lenient on myself.)

My goal is to either read or remove 100 of those books by the end of 2014.

There are rules! Here are the Rules:

  1. For every two TBR books read, 1 new book (non-review/gift) can come in.
  2. For every new book (non-review/gift), two TBR books leave.
  3. After 6 months, re-evaluate pile. Remove books as needed.
  4. Electronic ARCs only from now on.
  5. Celebrate milestones! 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 TBR books read = something awesome happens.

Books that I’ve had for over two years are high priority, but I’m giving myself a little leeway with ones which are part of a series and I either haven’t GOT the rest of the series or it’s been a long time since I read the earlier books and I need to reread them beforehand. For example, I’ve got A Wrinkle in Time (Time #1) and A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Time #3), but not A Wind in the Door (Time #2), so I’m not in a huge rush to get to A Swiftly Tilting Planet this year.

So far I’ve read 4 books from my TBR shelf and have added 2. Pretty good, I think!

Do you have a TBR plan for 2014?

8 thoughts on “My 2014 TBR Project”

  1. Excellent idea! I recently cleaned up my tbr shelves and got rid of 100+ books, but I still have a little over 200 to read. Over already read several books from my tbr pile, so hopefully we can both keep up with our goals!

  2. This is such a great plan to tackle your tbr pile. I hope you reach you goal. Could you explain to me what it means when you say a new book comes in and two tbr books leave? Have you read those tbr books or do you just have to get rid of two tbr books.

    1. Yup, basically! That rule is a little lax (all my rules are pretty lax actually) but I want to decrease my overall TBR pile while also allowing myself to buy new books. So I’m trying to keep my ratio something like 2:1 either by reading or chucking books from the pile. 🙂

  3. Good luck! Your plans sound good. I need to do something similar, I think. I recently went through and cleared out all of the ARCs I didn’t think I would ever read (I tend to get a bunch of unsolicited middle-of-series historical fiction books that do nothing but take up space) but I think I need to be stricter like you.

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