Nerds Heart YA Decision & Discussion!

I’m writing this pretty quick because my brother’s coming into town today and we’ve gotta get the house decluttered before he does SO, in short:

We’ve chosen Evil? by Timothy Carter to move onward.

By “we” I mean me and Danielle, of course.

I don’t think we were both particularly enamored with it, but it was certainly better than the other book, Devil’s Kiss. I really wanted to like BOTH books but they each of them had plot problems, character problems, and storytelling problems, and it just turned out that Evil? had less of those things. We talked a little bit about both books, so if you’re interested in our discussion then check it out beneath this here cut:

Warning for some possible spoilers of both books.

Part One/Two!
What I liked about Evil? was that it was quirky, had a fun protagonist, and dealt with some heavy subjects without being patronizing or depressing. It WAS pretty over the top, but in a fun-to-read way. And I liked the whole thing about how fallen angels might be causing spikes of negative emotion in humanity, but that it’s supposed to be a lesson to us and we’re supposed to grow from it. The way things are today I suppose we haven’t been growing much, haha!

Haha, for sure. I did read Timothy’s other book a while back, Epoch, and he does have kind of a formula going. Misfit-teenager with strangely religious parents and a quircky, possibly evil little sidekick, and then there’s always a lesson involved…but your right, its all really fun to read and I don’t think Carter’s trying to take himself too seriously.

(am I the only one worried this is going to turn into a biblical discussion?)

I did kind of want to ask about some Biblical-related stuff, because I’m not too well-up on it (and I’m not Christian, besides), but I don’t know if it’d contribute anything to our discussion. Maybe it would?

If it DOES: basically I just wanted to say that although sticking a truth-telling demon in there is a pretty good plot device (and a funny one), it’s not really effective in combating the “but it’s in the Bible” sort of people who hate gays/lesbians. It’s basically like saying “well you’re wrong because I said so,” instead of talking more about how interpreting the Bible goes into different ways depending on who’s interpreting it, the societal beliefs surrounding it, the historical background of the Bible, etc. I mean, I know it’s a humor book more than anything else but it just felt sort of rushed to me.

But that’d be taking himself seriously, maybe? And so he just skipped past it. Although I’m sure someone could come up with something to make that whole dialogue funny and entertaining and not just preaching.

I did notice other plot-discrepancies, btw. What did you think of the romance between Stuart and Chester? Did you think it fit in with the rest of the story?

I have no problem with biblical discussions (even though I know jack-squat, really) but it tends to stir up a lot of controversy.

And I agree. He did tackle this, with that whole Fon Pyre discussion, but I think its just as hypocritical to proclaim something untrue, factually, as a Christian saying it is true. While the whole Sin of Onan thing was a bit extreme, you can’t go stepping on people’s belief, espcially if your trying to keep it light.

And the whole Stuart/Chester thing was a big WTF for me. I mean, I love gay romances in YA, but this one seemed to make no sense…and Chester was kind of grinding on my nerves.

Continue reading our discussion at Danielle’s blog! Link to be added in when her post goes live.

I think Danielle is currently smooshed under a pile of finals and homework and other bad things, but her post should be up sometime today. Good luck to Evil? in the rest of the competition! I hope you’re better liked.

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  1. I hate it when a romance comes out of nowhere. When that happens, I feel like the author expects you to get behind it just because the characters are of convenient gender & sexual orientation for each other. It takes more than that!

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