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I’ve been trying out different things lately, and if you’ve seen the main page of Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog already you’ve probably noticed them. Now there are more ways to subscribe to Birdbrain(ed) than by feedreader or email! Yes!

You can:
1. Join via Google Friend Connect. Although technically Google is getting rid of this for non-Blogger blogs in March, so…maybe not the best way to subscribe if you’re worried about long-term connectivity.
2. Join via Networked Blogs. Basically this is like GFC but for Facebook?
3. Join via Bloglovin. Which is like a feedreader but slightly different.
4. Do something with Google+ circles? I’m still not entirely sure how this thing works, but I’ll figure it out eventually.
5. Follow me on Twitter? All my updates get sent there as links, so I suppose if you really hate feedreaders/emails/whatever (or if you’re on Twitter a lot) this is a good way to keep up with what I’m posting.

I know everyone has their own preferred ways of keeping up with a blog’s updates, and I figured I’d try to accommodate as many people as possible because I’m wonderful like that. Plus I really like seeing your little faces(/icons) in the Networked Blogs/GFC widgets. It’s like we’re having a little party here at my blog! Or…something.

What’s your favorite way to subscribe to blogs? I’m most used to feedreaders (I use Google Reader), so that what I like best.


  1. This is up here so I can claim my blog at Bloglovin. Huzzah!

2 thoughts on “New ways to subscribe to Birdbrain(ed)!”

  1. I read this topic line as “Never subscribe” rather than “New ways”. This is what happens when I read blogs before I have my coffee. I was like What? No! I WANT to subscribe! Why is she doing this to me? So yeah, I’m going to run get some coffee before I carry on through my Google Reader.

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