Nightshifted: possibly the greatest book yet-to-be-published?

Australian nurse with a kangaroo mascot

From an i09 post about Cassie Alexander‘s urban fantasy novel, Nightshifted, about a nurse who works in a ward for paranormal creatures:

While I love me some urban fantasy, it feels like when I read so much of it, that there’s a distance there between me and the protagonists — like when author-me looks at a fashion magazine. I like looking at those people for a little bit, but then they all blend together Barbie-style, and I start to feel that what they are and what they stand for is unattainable. For me, unattainable’s no fun. I wanted to write about someone who could be in danger, who would have consequences for her actions, someone who isn’t always right or the best at life. I wanted someone who would have to struggle. That’s what interests me, always has, always will.

(She got a three book deal with St. Martins, by the way. I can’t wait to read it! It’s not coming out ’til January 2012, though.)

2 thoughts on “Nightshifted: possibly the greatest book yet-to-be-published?”

    1. My mom really loves Being Human, but I watched the first episode and never got into it. And now there’s an American version! (Why?)

      I hope they don’t make an American version of Doctor Who. I may scream.

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