Obviously I've not been paying enough attention

There are a TON of good books coming out in the next few months that I had no inkling of, and I’m blaming you people. Why didn’t any of you tell me that another Jonathan Stroud book is coming out? A new Cornelia Funke! A new Rick Riordan!! Yes, it’s all your fault I didn’t pay attention to any of the “upcoming books” posts that my feedreader shows me, or that I ignored the publisher newsletters I signed up for specifically so I could learn about new books. That’s on your head. Duh.

Anyway, I’ll forgive you of this mishap if you promise me to read this post I’ve put together about soon-to-be-released books and spend time making squee noises with me about them.

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus #1) by Rick Riordan, coming out October 12, 2010. Set in the same world as the Percy Jackson series, but with a whole new cast and whole new adventures! The Gathering (Triskellion #3) by Will Peterson, coming out September 14, 2010. It’s been so long since I read book two I’ve forgotten the cliffhanger but I’m sure I’ll appreciate finally getting some more answers for the series as a whole.

The Atlantis Complex (Artemis Fowl #7) by Eoin Colfer, coming out August 3, 2010. Okay, so technically I haven’t read past book three, but this’ll motivate me to continue the series for sure! The Ring of Solomon (Bartimaeus #4) by Jonathan Stroud, coming out November 2, 2010. So new it doesn’t even have a cover yet! And never mind that the Bartimaeus trilogy is getting a fourth book and that makes my head hurt, I’m just happy that we get more of my favorite djinn.

Reckless by Cornelia Funke, coming out September 14, 2010. “Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, master storyteller Cornelia Funke introduces a lush, enchanting landscape of fairy tales and legends re-imagined as never before. Reckless is a thrilling adventure and a tale of heroism, filled with danger, mystery, and above all, magic.” Hell yeah! Behemoth (Leviathan #2) by Scott Westerfeld, coming out October 12, 2010. Also has no cover yet. But who cares, really?

This isn’t all the new books that are coming out this year, of course. And I’m sure I’ve missed a lot more that are going to be releases soon– so I’ll just have to make another post when I find them!

5 thoughts on “Obviously I've not been paying enough attention”

  1. Oh, you know what had happened? I discovered that your advice about reducing your TBR pile didn’t actually work in real life, and out of revenge I spitefully conspired with the whole universe to keep you from finding out about all these books that were coming out. In retrospect, I may have overreacted.

    1. It does SO work in real life; you just don’t have enough willpower and/or you aren’t actually doing what I told you to do. Are you checking out enough library books? Are you dragging them home in the dust and the heat (or the rain, maybe, seeing as you’re in England)? PHYSICAL EXERTION is the key ingredient to lowering the amount of books in your TBR pile, so maybe if it’s not hot enough in England you should just walk around your apartment with the books in your arms for, say, 15-20 minutes.


      1. I’m not in England but I have dragged the books home through lots of heat! And lots of rain! Because summers in my part of the country are weird and unpredictable! And from my apartment to the library is a good fifteen minutes each way! I resent your implication that I have failed to follow your advice appropriately.

        1. Well, I have to walk TWENTY MINUTES each way to drag my books back home from the library! Longer if I go to the public library instead of my university library! So there.

          (Also, why the eff did I think you were in England? I suspect you deliberately misled me as part of your plot to keep me from new books. I’ll work out the connection between your location and recently published books LATER.)

  2. Okay, that exchange was hilarious.

    I had no idea Rick Riordan has another book coming out! I am ridiculously excited about this. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked The Lightning Thief, etc. so this is good news indeed 🙂 I occasionally have toast for brains, though, so be sure to remind us when it comes out!

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