Planning for 2015: Blog and Reading Goals

Blogging Goals

I’m joining the Book Blogger Organization Challenge for 2015! Challenges tend to be more miss than hit for me nowadays, but I like this one because it involves a lot of tinkering with my blog and book collection– things I love to do. blog organization

January’s theme is Reading challenges, scheduling, & resolutions. I’ve decided this year to focus on readalongs/book clubs instead of themed reading challenges, since it’s easier to commit to reading one book than dozens. I’m already participating in #WizardBBC on Twitter, and I’d like to find (or start) a few single book readalongs to do this year. Plus there’s my own book club, of course!

Scheduling is tricky. I have lots of books left over from ALA 2014 to read, but at this point I’m resigned to reading them close-ish to their pub date. I’m also trying to move completely over to e-ARCs so I’d like to work out a NetGalley plan. Maybe one or two review books a month? That seems doable.

I’m thinking about trying out reading lists like I did in the first half of 2014. They kinda worked? I mean, I liked making the lists, and it cut down on the “oh, what do I read next” panic that comes after finishing a book. But, again, I don’t want to be too locked into something with no room for flexibility. Maybe I’ll keep it to 5 or so books, instead of a full 15 (my usual monthly number).

Blogging Resolutions! Yes. This year I’m determined to be more relaxed about blogging. One way I can be relaxed if I schedule a bunch of posts in advance (see above). It may seem counter-intuitive, but I feel less pressured to produce something if I’ve already got a few posts ready to go as a buffer.

My biggest blog resolution, though, is to NOT treat my blog like a business. I want blogging to be fun, not work. I had an idea for a long time that I could turn blogging into a business–like, make enough money to live on business–but book blogs aren’t very good business, tbh, and also I don’t have the stamina to actually become a small business owner. I’m much more of a laze-around-the-house sort of person. Much less stressful to focus my talents and energies into things I enjoy doing (writing reviews, talking to people on Twitter, etc.) than trying to force myself to like having ads clogging up my sidebar.

(Yup, I took out the Google ads! I was making about $3/month, which isn’t worth much when it won’t even get to my bank account for another 4 years.1 Having the ads clutter up my layout wasn’t worth the piddly amount they were making me, so I removed them. I still use affiliate links, but those pay out at $10 so they’re still somewhat useful.)

Have Fun Blogging Plan 2015, go!

Reading Goals

I have a couple general reading goals for 2015 which I’d like to meet, but I’m not going to be upset if I don’t.

For every one book written by a white guy about a white guy, read five by and/or about non-white guys. This should be fairly easy since I tend to read more books written by women anyway, but this is just so I keep an eye on things a little more closely than I have in the past.

Also, I’m going to deliberately seek out, read, and review books written by PoC authors. Even though I’ve got a good gender balance in my reading, it’s still full of white people. Even most of the books I’ve read with PoC characters were still written by white authors; I’d like to make a concentrated effort to change that in 2015.

(Send me recommendations, please.)

TBR Takedown
Read at least 100 books from my TBR list, particularly ones acquired in 2014 or earlier. Very much in particular the ones acquired at ALA annual (though at this point I’m resigned to dumping the paper ARCs and finding finished ebook copies instead. I need the space!).

Re:Review Books
Go completely electronic (NetGalley is my friend). Try to keep to 2-3 books per month.

Scribd Selections
Read at least 5 books per month from Scribd. I bought a subscription. I must use it!

I also would like to do at least two readalongs (see top of post for more about that). And I’d like to catch up in the Vorkosigan saga series, and furthermore finish at least five other series I’m in the middle of. I’ll make a list and post that somewhere sometime soon.

Do you have any reading or blogging goals for 2015?

  1. Google pays out at $100.

4 thoughts on “Planning for 2015: Blog and Reading Goals”

  1. Great post. I just started my blog in November so I am still new to the blogging world. I signed up for a few challenges. Hopefully I can finish them without it seeming like too much work.

    1. I really liked doing challenges when I was a newbie blogger, so I hope you have fun doing yours! As for being overwhelmed–just remember that they’re meant to be fun, not obligations. 🙂

  2. I’m aiming at 40% non-American authors and 35% non-white authors. My secret goal is 40% non-white authors as well, but I am worried I will pressure myself too much if that is my explicit goal. And those are my only resolutions, and I also want (but am not resolved) to read some of the TBR books on my shelves and make decisions about whether or not I want to keep them.

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