Pre-BEA Prep Post #2: Cheap food options

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Post #1: What to bring to a hostel

Okay, so: I have set myself a strict budget for this trip and I’ve already spent about two-thirds of it on travel and accommodation. That means I have to be picky about tourist-y things, souvenirs, and food. Souvenirs are easy because I’m planning to mostly buy postcards and take pictures. Tourist-y things are still up in the air, but I won’t be doing the helicopter tour or anything like that. And finally– food!

I like eating and I love food, but I’m not the sort of person who likes spending time in uber fancy restaurants. Where do I like to eat? I like the sort of places you’d expect a just-recently-graduated college student to like: cafes, food carts, and little hole-in-the-wall type places.

I decided to do some research on where the cheap-but-good places to eat in NYC are, and I found these two articles: Meals for $10 or Less in New York City and Meals for $5 or Less in New York City. They both list lots of places where you can get cheap, good food all around New York, including in Manhattan where I’m going to be. I’m particularly looking forward to chowing down in places like Gray’s Papaya, Patsy’s Pizzeria, and Great NY Noodle Town!

Another site I found is New York Street Food, a website that does what it says on the tin. The only pushcart sort of things we get here in Albuquerque is ice cream and MAYBE a burrito cart, so I’m excited to try some different street food in NYC!

I’m still looking for more breakfast-type places, but I figure I’ll just run into a cafe or something. Anyway, what sort of places do you like to eat at? Are you a fine dining sort of person, or a street cart sort of person? Both? Somewhere in between?

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  1. It’s been several years since I was last in NYC, but I was surprised at how affordable food was. I averaged $10 per meal. You might think about getting lunch at delis, too, they’re usually cheap and NYC has some great ones.

    1. Oh good, because that’s my budget! 😀 I was definitely thinking about finding a deli, but I’ll have to do some more research on where the cheaper ones are. All the ones I’ve found so far have been really expensive.

  2. These are awesome! I already bought some Luna bars and granola bars to keep in my bag at all times. I notice any time I travel, I don’t get hungry at meal times, but I will at random times.

    Also, like you, I don’t like to spend a lot of time or money on food. I’d rather shop or visit museums. 🙂

    Thanks for these sites.

    1. I’m also planning on bringing some snacks with me! 😀 I’m the same as you– I get hungry at weird times, so I almost always have something to nibble on in my bag.

      Thanks for visiting!

    1. I tend to bring things that are reasonably clean, like dried fruit or granola bars. You could put potentially messier food in a Ziplock bag, maybe? And then if it escape it won’t escape onto your stuff. 😀 And a broken granola bar isn’t as gross as a smushed sandwich or something!

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