Pre-BEA Prep Post #3: The packing list

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What I Won’t Be Bringing

  • my netbook
  • my Kindle
  • more than two pairs of shoes
  • my favorite stuffed animal
  • fancy party clothes
  • any ability to have a coherent conversation with an author

What I Will Be Bringing

  • my iPod Touch (it’s almost like a tiny computer! Sort of.)
  • earplugs
  • a list of things I have to buy for the parents
  • an NYC guidebook (just in case)
  • an Evelyn Waugh book (to read on the plane)
  • a towel
  • packing tape
  • a travel journal
  • hella enthusiasm

I still have to buy some things– mostly snacks for the airport/plane– but I think I’ve got everything else ready! I’m not completely packed yet, but I’ll finish up today, I think.

Are you packed and ready for BEA?

3 thoughts on “Pre-BEA Prep Post #3: The packing list”

    1. In case I need to send books home via USPS– don’t want to have to buy their overpriced stuff just to close a box. 😀

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