Public service announcement

Okay, so I’ve come across a few posts lately where someone has submitted one of my posts in a review round-up or for a blog carnival and that someone was NOT ME. It really freaks me out that people are going around submitting things on my behalf and I want whoever it is to stop, please.

If you want me to participate in carnival or review link-up, email me the details and I’ll decide if I want to do it or not. Please don’t submit anything under my name because that’s creepy and, more importantly, dishonest.

I understand if you thought it was a good idea because you wanted to promote my blog/posts/whatever, but seriously. Don’t do it. Good intentions become decidedly less so when they’re done on the sly.

A couple other bloggers have been having this same problem, and I think we’re in universal agreement that it doesn’t make us happy.


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  1. That’s weird! Nobody ever does that to my posts. Hmm. Maybe I should take offense.
    Hey, neither of us are doing Trailer Tuesday anymore. Oh well, I might pick it back up if the spirit takes me. Hope all is well.

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