Read-a-thon Update: 12am

read-a-thon April 2009 I’m moving into the home stretch, now. Getting pretty sleepy and I don’t think I can stay awake for longer than maybe an hour or two.

Ended up starting Shopaholic & Baby— the Bond books had really small print, and all the (short) graphic novels were filled with stick-thin characters who looked liked they’d break in a strong breeze. I hate that.

Anyway, S&B is quite enjoyable, although of course it’s a lot like the last Shopaholic book. Except with babies instead of long-lost sisters.

810 pages read
3 books finished
1 book currently reading

The books:
Shopaholic & Baby Shopaholic & Sister Travel Light Ororon 1

I’ll have a wrap-up post in the morning. As soon as I can type coherently again, that is!

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  1. Those sound like great stats! I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed at least one book more than the one you started the Read-a-Thon with!

    And yes! Naps are important too! Sleep well when you go to sleep!

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