Read-a-thon Update: 9pm (ish)

read-a-thon April 2009 I’m a little late getting this post up because I wanted to finish Shopaholic & Sister before doing totals and things. Hee! It was really fun, though Becky always drives me nuts with her inability to say “no, I don’t need this lotion I won’t ever use,” etc.

I’ve been keeping myself fed and caffeinated (just had dinner about an hour ago, actually), and I think now I’m going to make myself some tea and maybe some toast or something. Who knew reading for so long a time could take so much out of a person?

730 pages read
3 books finished

The books:
Shopaholic & Sister Travel Light Ororon 1

For my next book I think maybe…a James Bond? I hope you don’t have to start at the beginning of the series to enjoy it; I’ve only got ones in the middle. Or otherwise I might start on another graphic novel.

Next update will be in about three hours! Keep it up, everyone!

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