Review: Anastasia, Absolutely by Lois Lowry (1997)

Anastasia Absolutely Anastasia, Absolutely by Lois Lowry
Publication: Yearling (1997), Paperback, 128 pages / ISBN 0440412226
Genre: Fiction, Children’s
Rating: 4.5/5
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First sentence: “Anastasia!”

Obviously, since my name is Anastasia, I love these books. (Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic. I really do love them!) Some of them are better than others, but just having my name be a character’s name who isn’t a Russian princess is enough to keep me coming back to them even now. I haven’t read an Anastasia book in a while (and I’ve never read this one), so this was a nice treat.

Summary from Amazon:

The trouble begins when Anastasia goes to the mailbox with two packages and her new dog, Sleuth. It’s there that she accidentally puts the bag of dog droppings into the mailbox instead of her mother’s package. When she realizes her mistake, Anastasia uses her school Values Class experience to help her decide what to do. But when the police take the corner mailbox, Anastasia’s sure she’s committed a crime that will land her in jail.

It’s a short book, but there’s a few interesting things in it. Anastasia’s matured! Well, a little. I liked that she eventually worked out what to do with help from her parents and teacher– and herself. She’s got more friends now, too, and I thought it very admirable that she was so nice to her younger brother, Sam. She even played with him multiple times without getting annoyed– more than I ever did with my own brother, ha. The situation she gets herself into is extremely amusing but it’s not over-the-top.

There wasn’t as much of her parents in here, which was a shame. I like them a lot! They’re quite adorable, and I loved them in Anastasia Krupnik. Oh well.

If you’re in need of a funny book with cute characters and a plot with a moral (and a tidy solution), then check out the Anastasia books. (And I’m not just talking them up because of my name!)

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