Review: Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis

24. Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis
Publication: Elea Press (October 2009), Paperback, 168pp / ISBN 9780982343739
Genre: Graphic Novel, Humor, Horror?
Read: January 30, 2010
Source: Bought

Vampires! In the French Revolution! With funny bits put in!


Through a long and complicated process of clicking on random links in the search for historically-based funnies, I found Dylan Meconis’ Family Man, a webcomic about a dude in Germany in the olden days. With werewolves! And I loved it. (It’s still ongoing, by the way.) Once I was done with currently available offerings, I decided to check out DM’s first webcomic, Bite Me!, which was written between 2000-2004, when DM was first starting out as a Professional Artist Person.

I read the synopsis, I saw she had a store, I found the super awesome Bite Me! extra package that came with buttons and stickers and an AUTOGRAPH and I decided, what the heck, I like the author’s work, and I love funny historical comics (and vampire farces)– I’ll just buy the book instead of reading it online. So I did!

Anyway, to make a long rambling post short like I meant it to be originally: I loved it. It’s hilarious! You can see Ms Meconis growing into her style through the course of the book, getting her writing style down pat, and so on. I laughed more than a few times out loud, and I pretty much just grinned maniacally at the pages the entire time I read it. And while the print quality is a little bit fuzzy (because the originals were drawn on printer paper, which is, uh. Not good for reprinting, unfortunately), it’s not horrible and by the end I didn’t even notice it.

So: check out the website. You can read the whole thing online for free, or you can buy the paper version and support a wonderful artist. It’s worth it either way!


Find your own copy here!

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  1. Okay, I am on a break from vampires, but this looks too fun to resist! Especially since I don’t have to commit to reading a whole book as it’s all online. Thanks for the recommendation!

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