Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham

Cocktails for Three by Madeleine WickhamCocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham
Published: St. Martin's Griffin (2000), Paperback, 304pg
Source: Bought
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance

I’m done with my finals and on winter break, which means I have time for reviews again. Hurrah! First I’ve got to get through the backlog of books I need to review, which starts with this one.

Cocktails for Three is about three friends who have terrible secrets. There’s Roxanne, who’s having an affair with a married man, Maggie, who’s pregnant but not sure she wants to be, and Candice, who holds onto enormous guilt re:her con-artist father’s antics. At the first of each month they meet at a swank bar for drinks, and it’s during one of those meetings that they encounter someone who will throw their world out of wack and force them to give up their secrets.

I really liked Wickham’s The Gatecrasher, and so I was hoping Cocktails for Three would be just as good. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The writing itself was very good, and the characters were very engaging (even if they annoyed be because of their stupidity), but the plot was lacking. Normally I think Wickham can handle having multiple character viewpoints (as in The Gatecrasher), but here it just never seemed to entirely work. I also really disliked the ending; it just didn’t work! It was entirely too gooey and just…nearly cliched. The whole “your friends are the most important thing in the world EVER OMG” seems both dated and cliched, and I could have done without it.

I do want to say again that I think Wickham is a wonderful writer– even if I hated the characters at times, she still kept me reading and pulled me along with their many emotional rollercoasters– and I will keep on reading her books. This one was just unfortunately a dud.

Read: December 2008

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