Creepers by Keith Gray

Creepers by Keith GrayCreepers by Keith Gray
Published: Putnam Juvenile (1996), Hardcover, 139pg
Source: BookMooch
Genres: Fiction

Jamie and his friend consider themselves the best Creepers in school, racing together from backyard to backyard, over fences, through bushes, even through dog kennels, without getting caught. But then Jamie gets "snared" and everything changes drastically. Will things ever be the same again?In this powerful story about love, death and the monumental strength of friendship, Keith Gray has crafted a novel that will draw even reluctant readers in from the very first page, with its high suspense, shocking twists and unforgettable surprise ending.

I read a review of this on Chicklish and thought it sounded really good, so I got it from BookMooch last December. For some reason I didn’t read it ’til now, but I got a nice surprise once I did. This is a really excellent book!

I was hoping it wouldn’t be too depressing, considering the inside flap says “A brilliant first novel about friendship, courage, and loss” and THAT means something depressing will probably happen. Well, yeah, something depressing happened, but it was balanced out by the happy(ish) ending and the writing was so awesome I didn’t even really mind the depressing thing.

I can’t really talk about the depressing thing without giving away massive spoilers, but I will say that there’s immense character growth (which you should know by now I absolutely love) and some learning-what-life-is-about situations. Not that it’s cheesy, or preachy. It’s quite subtle, actually, yet sharp and to-the-point. Lovely!

Creeping sounds like a really fun thing to do, doesn’t it? And I also love that Creepers have their own vocabulary and rules and such. I love me some secret kid society! Unfortunately I think if I creeped around here I’d be shot, but I can dream.

There’s two very different covers for Creepers (that I’ve found, at least). One’s the hardcover copy, up there, and then there’s this paperback cover:

Creepers PB

I actually like it better than the hardcover one. It’s got two people on it, rather than just one, and it shows them in the act of helping one another over a difficult obstacle. The hardback cover just looks like the kid is getting chased by searchlights or something. What do you think? Which cover do you prefer?

Read: February 2009

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