REVIEW: Flyte by Angie Sage

REVIEW: Flyte by Angie SageFlyte (Septimus Heap #2) by Angie Sage
Published: Harper Collins (2006), Paperback, 416pg
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction



Enter the world of Septimus Heap, Wizard Apprentice. Magyk is his destiny.The evil necromancer DomDaniel has been disposed of, but something Darke is stirring. A Shadow pursues ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand around, following her every move, growing stronger every day. Septimus senses something sinister is afoot, but before he can act, Jenna is snatched - taken by the most unlikely kidnapper. Septimus must rescue his sister but does not, at first, realise the power of the forces at work behind her disappearance.

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I love the first Septimus Heap book, Magyk, and so I was super excited to read this one. I had just as much fun reading it as I did Magyk, yet I felt slightly disappointed.

The main problem was, I think, that it seemed like the plot started off very quickly, with a lot of movement and excitement and then BAM. Stopped short. And then it never really picked back up again. It felt more like a transition between two events than an event of its own, and though I enjoyed reading it I wanted something a little more.

There is some character change/growth, which was nice, and the various subplots were quite sweet: Septimus meeting the rest of his family, for instance, and the thing with the (dead) Queen and her (alive) husband. The adult characters were pretty much the same, except maybe more annoying because they wouldn’t listen to the kids. If they had ever read a Diana Wynne Jones book, they’d know that’s a dangerous thing to do.

There are some exciting, action-y parts, of course, plus lots of interesting magic, new characters and places that I grew to love as much as the old ones. I especially liked learning about the people who became friends with the main characters after the first book– it kept things from getting too enclosed.

However, there were some other things that didn’t seem to be fully explored (not yet, anyway. Maybe they’re explored in the next few books). Septimus’ new, er, “pet” kind of just appears, then doesn’t really serve a purpose until the end and yet still seems mostly a sideline thing. Like many other things introduced in this book, it seems like it won’t find its place in the narrative until the next book or later.

Overall, it feels very transitory, and somewhat jumbled. Not bad, but not entirely like the first book, either. The parts I liked I really liked, and the parts I didn’t were just meh. Still, I look forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing where everything ends up!

Read: February 2009

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