REVIEW NOTES: Crocodile on the Sandbank, The Making of a Trade School, Morgue Mama, A Spark of Death

Am currently writing this while sitting outside a Starbucks, squinting at my dusty computer screen. For some reason not having internet is making me want to not write reviews, either. Still, I don’t want to fall TOO behind, so here are some review notes for books I’ve read fairly recently. You’ll be seeing a few of these posts until we get internet at our house.

Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping myself occupied! I’ve been reading books (of course), staring at piles of my stuff, and writing a zine. I’ve also gotten hives again, if you can believe it. I don’t know what’s wrong with the mosquitos out here, but they’re really starting to bug me (ha).

And now, reviews:

065. Crocodile on the Sandbank – Elizabeth Peters e*
historical fiction/mystery / ebook / bought / read April 8, 2012
– For some reason Amelia annoyed me more than she did the first time I’ve read this book. Maybe because I’m more aware of her faults than before?
– I liked whats-her-face– Amelia’s friend– much more this time around than before!
– Peabody + Emerson = TWU WUV (seriously, they’re adorable)
– I totally remembered the solution to the mystery, but it was still overall enjoyable.

066. The Making of a Trade School – Mary Schenck Woolman e
non-fiction / ebook / public domain / read April 13-17, 2012
– I suppose this isn’t very interesting unless you’ve read the Slate article about the women who went to this school.
– Or maybe if you’re interested in women’s history?
– Reads very much like a pamphlet asking for donations, only less boring.
– The historical aspect is really neat, too.
– I probably would have gone to this school if a) I’d lived during the early 20th century and b) I lived in Manhatten!

067. Morgue Mama – C.R. Corwin e
mystery / ebook / bought / read April 17-18, 2012
– Unfortunately it did that thing I hate where the narrator is untrustworthy but you only find out that they are at the end. It just ruins the whole story, don’t you think? If you can’t trust your narrator you should be told that from the start (or at least given hints).
– Snappy newspaper reporter! Yay! Librarian-turned-slueth! Yay!
– Mystery was actually very interesting, even though it sort of reminded me of a Law and Order episode.
– Can’t get over that annoying ending!
– I will read next book (which I’ve actually already bought) despite my hatred of the ending sequence.

068. A Spark of Death – Bernadette Pajer e
historical fiction/mystery / ebook / bought / read April 18-22, 2012
– Eh. Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it’d be, based on the synopsis. I like turn of the century things! And scientists! But this was just “eh.”
– There was something about the writing that I didn’t like. It just didn’t work for me, for whatever reason.
– Plus I’m pretty sure there was an early 20th century manic pixie dream girl character. Annoying.
– Basically I think it wasn’t as exciting as I was expecting it to be.


  1. I like Evelyn too! Evelyn is great! I like it later in the series when you get to see Evelyn straight up being awesome. Not that she is not lovely in Crocodile on the Sandbank, but she is cooler later while still being totally true to her character. It is great.

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