REVIEW NOTES: Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, So You Want to Be a Wizard, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry

If I don’t do these I’ll never get caught up on reviews! So:

069. Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great – Judy Blume [rating: 3.5] e*
[children’s fiction / paper / bought / read April 22, 2012 (reread)]
– One of my favorite Judy Blume books! Although technically Blubber is my ABSOLUTE favorite.
– I got this one autographed, btw. At the LA Times Festival of books! Which I’m definitely going to write about, as soon as I get an internet connection that can handle me uploading pictures.
– Sheila is weirdly adorable, though I don’t think I’d have liked her as a friend. I like that she’s spunky, too.

071. So You Want to Be a Wizard – Diane Duane [rating: 5] *
[YA fantasy / paper / bought / read May 3, 2012 (reread)]
– One of my favorite books ever, just so you know. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to!
– I love that the protagonists aren’t white, either. (Right?) I didn’t notice that when I was a kid, but I appreciate it now.
– The mix of sci-fi and fantasy is top notch. You get more of it in the later books, too.
– I totally want to be a wizard, you guys. How can I not, after reading this book?!

073. Deep Wizardry – Diane Duane [rating: 4] *
[YA fantasy / paper / bought / read May 4-7, 2012 (reread)]
– I don’t think I really understood this the first time I read it? I remember the bits about the whales, but not the rest of it. I certainly didn’t understand the significance of the events at the end.
– I JUST REALLY LIKE THIS SERIES. Like, SO MUCH. And I’ve got lots more books to go! I don’t think I ever read past #3, and I don’t remember anything about that one. Exciting!!
– Oh! If you liked A Wrinkle in Time, you’d probably like this series. It’s less heavy on the physics and things, so it might be easier to understand.

074. High Wizardry – Diane Duane [rating: 4]
[YA fantasy / paper / bought / read May 8, 2012 (reread)]
– This one has always been awkward for me. I like Dairine (Nita’s sister), but she’s too much of a Wesley character to like much. Smart kids are cool, but not when they practically deus ex machina the ending.
– LOVE that Dairi uses her computer to do magic! It’s v. cool. I do wonder that the wizards who made it don’t worry more about the ramifications of it, though. If wizards don’t have to do the calculations for spells themselves (because the computer does it for them) then what happens if they somehow lose access to their manual/computer? It’d be like if I were trying to take a math class without a calculator. I’d have a lot of problems!


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