Review: The Dealer (CHERUB #2) by Robert Muchamore (2004)

CHERUB #2The Dealer (CHERUB #2) by Robert Muchamore
Publication: Simon Pulse (August 30, 2005), Paperback, 309 pages / ISBN 0689877803
Genre: Action, Thriller, YA
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First sentence: Billions of insects fizzed about in the sunset.

In one sentence: Disappointing installment of a series that I otherwise rather like.

I was hoping this second CHERUB book would be at least as good as the first book, The Recruit, but alas it was not.

Summary from Amazon:

CHERUB agents are all seventeen and under. They wear skate tees and hemp, and look like regular kids. But they’re not. They are trained professionals who are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists and international drug dealers. CHERUB agents hack into computers, bug entire houses, and download crucial documents. It is a highly dangerous job. For their safety, these agents DO NOT EXIST.

James is on his most daring mission yet: to smack down the world’s most powerful drug lord. It means hitting the streets, where the dealers work. It’s a vicious business. But James is going to take it down…from the top.

Eh, I didn’t really enjoy this book. If it wasn’t so short (and part of a series) I don’t think I would have finished it. The constant teasing between the characters got annoying fast, James was acting like a jerk most of the time, and there was no character development or growth (though there were a few personal revelations that I honestly didn’t see the point of unless it comes up later in another book).

The plot was pretty exciting, though, especially near the end. I think that is what kept me reading, honestly, and why I’ll end up reading book number three, too– though hopefully that one is more enjoyable.

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