REVIEW: The Sylvia Game by Vivian Alcock

REVIEW: The Sylvia Game by Vivian AlcockThe Sylvia Game by Vivian Alcock
Published: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (1992), Paperback, 216pg
Source: Gift
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction

Emily hadn't meant to get tangled up with the likes of Oliver Mallerton and his dead sister. She had only been tailing her artist father to find out why he had been acting so mysterious lately. She certainly never meant to get mixed up in the Sylvia Game, a game that sounded harmless, not like a game that would nearly cause the death of one boy and lead to the banishment of another. (from Goodreads)

One of my favorite creepy books! Vivian Alcock is very good at atmospheric stories, the kind that hover on the border of fantasy/paranormal/magical realism without actually falling over into it.

The Sylvia Game, for example, is creepy because there’s the presence of a dead girl hovering over everything– but there aren’t actually any ghosts. (Well, MAYBE.) It’s mostly about friendship and standing up for yourself with your parents. It’s SO GOOD, one of those short but intense stories that leave you out of breath by the end.

I particularly like how each of the children help each other accomplish something, whether emotional or physical (or both). And they do it without making a huge deal out of it! Which makes it all the nicer, and not at all preachy.

Read: November 09, 2013

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Sylvia Game by Vivian Alcock”

    1. You are very much welcome! I’ve read a few of Vivian Alcock’s books where you’re not sure if the creepiness is pretend or not, which I really enjoy. It makes the reading the book almost like trying to solve a mystery.

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