REVIEW: The Well-Wishers by Edward Eager

REVIEW: The Well-Wishers by Edward EagerThe Well-Wishers (Tales of Magic #6) by Edward Eager
Published: Sandpiper (1960), Paperback, 240pg
Source: Library
Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction

James, Laura, and Deborah along with their friends Kip, Lydia, and Gordy relate their experiences when the unpredictable old wishing well in the backyard continues to involve them in a variety of magical adventures. (from BookDepository)

Guess what The Well-Wishers is! It is the sequel to Magic or Not! AND I REALLY LOVE IT.

It’s kind of the perfect sequel: similar enough to Magic or Not to give me the warm squishy feelings of reading a really awesome book, but different enough so it’s not just the same story over again.

For example! It’s written in first person POV, and each kid gets their own chapter to tell their part of the story. The great thing is that they all sound different from one another– and just like how you’d expect them to sound, too! (Admittedly through the lens of a 1960s kids book.) Even the pre-teen greaser (he’s a bully but he gets better) gets a chapter, and he sounds like what you’d expect, too. Neat!

Plot-wise, the emphasis was more on the kids themselves, their character development and working through friendship issues and whatnot. Yes, they still helped people out, but the emphasis was even MORE on personal relationships and FEELINGS and also magic because, after all, this is a kidlit fantasy book. (Though it still had the same maybe-it’s-magic-maybe-not kind of feel to it as in the first book.)

I actually think The Well-Wishers could stand on its own well enough, if you haven’t read Magic or Not? yet. But I think it’s best read on the wings of the awesomeness of the first book, just because I’m picky like that.

Read: May 22, 2013

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