REVIEW: The World’s Cheapest Destinations by Tim Leffel

REVIEW: The World’s Cheapest Destinations by Tim LeffelThe World’s Cheapest Destinations by Tim Leffel
Published: Self-Published (2009), Paperback, 224pg
Source: Library
Genres: Non-Fiction, Travel

This popular budget travel guide, now in its updated third edition, offers the lowdown on the best bargain-priced international destinations, with sample prices and key attractions. (from Amazon)

Technically I suppose I could have just Googled all this information instead of getting a whole book about, especially since price fluctuations are happening even as you read this. (omg!) But I thought maybe there’d be something more useful than numbers in here and so I requested it through ILL. I was right (of course). It’s a useful books in terms of figuring out where my Western money goes the farthest, but it’s also useful in learning more about what there actually is to DO in those cheap countries. And reading about those countries? Made me want to go there– and not just because they’re cheap.

Bolivia, for instance, was never really a country I thought about travelling to much beyond the “tour of South America” thing I was considering a while ago. But after reading The World’s Cheapest Destinations it’s definitely moved up my list of “must-see places.” Why? You’ll just have to read the book for yourself and find out! Ha. Ha.

Anyway, it’s a decent primer for finding out where the least expensive countries are, what you can do when you get there, and what the climate/society is like. Think of it like a more basic version of a country’s guidebook– it won’t tell you how to get from one place to another, or what exactly to do once you get there, but it’ll tell you what you can buy for under $1 (really interesting things, actually).

Read: September 2010

Note: I think the author keeps specific money things updated on his website, so price fluctuations aren’t that big a deal, not like changes in a country’s government/infrastructure/etc are a big deal.

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  1. Thanks for checking out the book Anastasia! There are a lot of resource links on the site you listed. I also blog three times a week at the Cheapest Destinations Blog, where I often talk about currency changes and the current outlook:

    Fortunately, the cheap countries tend to stay cheaper than the rest, even when there are fluctuations. So the prices may be fluid, but Malaysia will always be cheaper than Singapore, Hungary will always be cheaper than Germany.

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