REVIEWS: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Long Earth, The Eyre Affair

183. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll (read by Jim Dale)
audiobook / freebie / read Oct. 7-12, 2012 / Amazon
Jim Dale just does amazing narration, okay. I didn’t think I could sit through another session of Alice in Wonderland (every time I read it I wonder why I wanted to reread it in the first place), but I was very bored that day and I wanted some entertainment. Lo and behold, Jim Dale was there to brighten my day and make me like Alice in Wonderland again! I can even smile at the Mad Hatter in Disneyland now, instead of turning away from franchise oversaturation-laced disappointment.

184. The Long Earth – Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
hardback / library / read Oct. 10-12, 2012 / Amazon
Once upon a time an inventor invents a thing that lets you move between worlds and opensources it for everyone to make for themselves. And then a bunch of kids make the thing and move between worlds and BOOM a kind of apocalypse happens where things get just as much better as they get worse. And there are adventures! And a zeppelin! And other neat stuff! While I was reading this I was enjoying it, although I had the nagging suspicion that I’d read it before (in another life, maybe?). The ending sequence was disappointing, but the rest of it was pretty good. I think it lacks the punch that Pterry’s other solo, non-Discworld books have (Nation, for example) but it’s still worth reading if you’re a Terry pratchett/Stephen Baxter fan.

I don’t think I’ve read any of Stephen Baxter’s books before, btw. Any suggestions for where I should start?

185. The Eyre Affair – Jasper Fforde [DNF]
paperback / library / DNF’d Oct. ?, 2012 / Amazon
Oh, it’s terrible when you can’t make yourself like a book you were really looking forward to reading. I just. It’s BORING. Compared to the other JF books I’ve read this one just doesn’t take the cake. Maybe I’ll try reading it again in another 10 years.

6 thoughts on “REVIEWS: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Long Earth, The Eyre Affair”

  1. I do truly prefer Through the Looking Glass to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s a much better book and it has all the good characters. But I never regret a reread of either one, with the beautiful illustrations and everything.

    1. I once saw a beautiful annotated edition of both books in a library, and I’ve been lusting after it ever since. The illustrations were colored! And the annotations were so interesting! Eeeeeee~

  2. I actually really enjoyed The Eyre Affair, so I’m sad that you didn’t! BUT, on a positive note, it makes me very excited to read his other stuff if you think it is better!!

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