REVIEWS: Rootless, Turn Right at Machu Picchu, The Art Forger

Rootless 198. Rootless – Chris Howard
ARC / ALA 2012 / read Nov. 21, 2012 / Amazon
No more trees, no more paper, a corn company runs the world (or at least the US). I wish I was less tired of dystopias than I am because if I’d read this one BEFORE I got into the slump I’m pretty sure I’d have liked it more than I do now. It’s got POC protagonists! Various running-away-from-the-baddies scenes! Excitement and intrigue and the ending totally ruined it. The ending! I hated it SO MUCH and the reason I hated it was because it messed with the pacing/tone of the rest of the book. And, just. Ugh. I didn’t like it.

The rest of the book was YAY, though! If you like dystopian books but want something different from the “heroic white girl saves humanity” thing that’s prevalent nowadays, you’d probably like Rootless. There’s romance, but not much. There’s action, but not the Buffy kind. There’s an evil corporation running stuff, but they barely show up. There’s lots of good stuff going for it, and maybe you’d even LIKE the ending! Plus, if you don’t, it IS the first book in a series, so maybe the second book will make up for it.

200. Turn Right at Machu Picchu – Mark Adams
paperback / ALA 2012 (signed!) / read Nov. 24-Dec. 3, 2012 / Amazon
I’m a sucker for any sort of book starring an explorer, or someone following the tracks of an explorer, as evidenced by how much I liked The Lost City of Z. This book is very similar to Lost City, only there’s less gross “and then bugs burrowed out of my flesh” kind of stuff and more “here is a concise history of the political climate of modern Peru.” Also, Mark Adams’ explorer didn’t disappear into the jungle– his came BACK and did other stuff! Including possibly inspiring the character of Indiana Jones!

If you like travel books with history/biography/politics/etc. mixed in, then this would be the perfect book for you. Yay! Art Forger

201. The Art Forger – Barbara Shapiro [DNF]
ARC / ALA 2012 / DNF’d Dec. 7, 2012 / Amazon
I started reading this not having realized that apparently it’s a kind of book club selection sort of book? Like, newspapers have been recommending it and stuff, so I suppose it’s a Big Deal Book? idk. I got it at ALA hoping it’d be something like an Ocean’s 11 sort of thing; it’s totally not. I got about 160 pages in before I was so bored I decided to just give up and move on. I think if I were more interested in the modern art world (and behind the scenes stuff) I may have liked it more, but I’m more interested in capers and mysteries and people stealing stuff with exciting soundtracks following them around, and that’s not really in this book. (Or, at least, it’s not in the part I read.)

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    1. Corn is all that grows, apparently, and all the corn is watermarked (in a scary way) by one company. So…not sure. It made sense in the context of the book!

    1. I don’t want to saaaaaaaaaaay because I may, uh. Be making a bigger deal of it than I should? Just. It’s JARRING and then they go to Iceland and it’s weird. idk.

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