REVIEWS: The Snow Spider, Emlyn’s Moon, Unseen Academicals

176. The Snow Spider – Jenny Nimmo [rating: 3]
paperback / library / read Sept. 25, 2012 / Amazon
For some reason I was hoping this would be like a book which I THOUGHT was written by Jenny Nimmo but actually it wasn’t. So that’s confusing. Anyway, this one’s about a kid who turns out to be a wizard (or equivalent) and there’s spooky stuff and it takes place in Wales and am I reminding you of The Dark is Rising, yet? Because yeah, it’s kind of like that series, only aimed at slightly younger children. Also there’s no Merlin (although there IS a fabulous grandma character).

177. Emlyn’s Moon – Jenny Nimmo [rating: 2]
paperback / library / read Sept. 26, 2012 / Amazon
Love the protagonist, who is a girl character without being a Girl Character Look At Her She’s a Girl kind of character. Continuing with my assessment of The Snow Spider‘s The Dark is Rising-like qualities, this is kind of like Over Sea, Under Stone in aspirations/tone/whatever. Nia’s not magical, but she’s sort of aware of magic? And that is neat. It’s a neat book, even if I think the ending would have been more effective if it was more downbeat than it actually was.

178. Unseen Academicals – Terry Pratchett [rating: 3]
hardcover / library / read Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2012 / Amazon
All I can think about whan I think of this book is orangutans, and I don’t know why that is as I don’t think the Librarian features much in this book, does he? Anyway, this one’s technically a wizard book BUT it’s got lots of the stuff present in the City Watch series, by which I mean it’s about what makes a person a person and immigration and accepting people for who they are instead of who you want them to be! And also there’s soccer. I liked it, though the wizards tend to annoy me more often than not when they’re the stars of a book.

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