Saturday Search: March 7

Saturday Search Saturday Search is a monthly meme hosted by Callista at SMS Book Reviews. Basically, we just post interesting or funny search terms people use to get to our site. If you’d like to participate yourself, check out this month’s post!

how to view .lit files on ipod touch
I get a lot of these kind of searches, mostly because of my two iPod Touch posts. I wonder if I’ve helped at all?

fantasy novels for people who don’t read
Oh! That’s a wonderful search term, actually! I think they most likely found my 10 YA Fantasy Novels Everyone Should Read (Yes, Even You) post. Though maybe I should do a post specifically for “fantasy novels for people who don’t read,” eh?

an ancient evil is brewing novels
Um. What IS that? Now I’ve gotta Google it myself.

Oh! It coincides with two or three summaries on my 10 YA Fantasy Novels Everyone Should Read (Yes, Even You) post. That thing is more popular than I realized.

how long should a ya fantasy novel be?
Dunno. As long as it wants to be?

secret hour flow map westerfeld
I don’t remember any flow map (or flow chart) in Midnighters #1. One might’ve been helpful, though!

free diana wynne jones ebooks
Whoops, there are none. And if you found one? It’s illegal. There are legit DWJ ebooks, however. (I get a lot of these kind of searches, too.)

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  1. Thanks for participating in my Saturday Search! I often have to google the search term myself to figure out where they landed on!

    I hope to see you again April 4!

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