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Hey! I’m this week’s Scene of the Blog at Kittling: Books! Scene of the Blog is a really fun feature that showcases a blogger’s, er, blogging space, such as a desk or an office. Mine is my bed. (Ahem.)

Here is a shiny button:
FINAL Scene of the Blog Logo

Thanks for having me play, Cathy! It was fun (and kind of embarrassing).

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  1. That’s a cool idea (Scene of the Blog, I mean). My Scene of the Blog would be the family’s main desk whihc really contains more junk than computer. We have a PC, an oversized printer, some very junky speakers, lots of random books, magazines, and papers, and a falling-apart Pooh mousepad. Ahem…I’m pretty much the only person in the house who uses the computer, and I don’t keep the space very neat. It’s the Landfill of Doom compared to the rest of the house, which is pretty much immaculate. Except for my own room of course.

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