#SFFWomen First Discussion: Fortune’s Pawn

fortune's pawn rachel bach Today at 4pm Los Angeles/7pm NYC we’ll be discussing Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach under the hashtag #sffFP. I’d love to see you there, but if you can’t make it, or if you’d rather post a discussion on your blog, here’s the discussion questions:

    Fortune’s Pawn is a military scifi with romantic entanglements. Was this your first time reading military scifi? What did you think?

    The author has said that Devi’s personality would be over-the-top macho and absurd in a male character. Do you agree?

    What did you think of Glorious Fool’s captain and crew? Can Devi trust them (esp considering events near the end of the book)?

    How did falling in love change Devi? Were they positive or negative changes?

    Speaking of romance, what did you think of Rupert as Devi’s romantic interest? Was he a good match for her?

    There are several interesting alien cultures in FP, including one species which eats humans. Which was your favorite?

    Any last thoughts? Are you planning on reading the next book?

If you’ve posted a review/discussion of Fortune’s Pawn, or are planning to, leave a link in the comments! We can all visit each other and talk about the book and it’ll be awesome.

Update: the Storify for the Twitter discussion is now available! And don’t forget to check out the info post for February’s book, Daughter of the Forest!


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