So you met me at BEA or something!

Hello! I’m Anastasia. We probably met somewhere during Book Expo America! If so, thanks for looking me up!

it's me!
it’s me!

Welcome to my blog, Here There Be Books! It’s a personal book review blog, with lots of other fun book-related stuff mixed in. Interviews, blogging tips, event recaps and MORE can all be found somewhere around here. Until recently, Here There Be Books was called Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog– so if I sound familiar, it’s probably because I AM. Mwahahaha. (For more about me personally, check out the About Me page.)

Here There Be Books has been in existence for almost 5 years, so there’s lots of good posts floating around. Here’s some of my recent favorites, though:

If you’re interested in sending me books for review, please check out my review policy and contact page first. But! As I am currently raiding the piles of ARCs at BEA, I will probably not be accepting new books for review until at least September.

Conan wiggly fingers gif

Meanwhile, feel free to take a look around. And if you’re a blogger I met, PLEASE leave a comment here so I can come visit you when I get home/back to my computer!

Either way, thanks for visiting!

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