Blogging tip: Don't be afraid to make friends!


Blogging is a great way to meet new people, especially if you blog about something specific like books. You’ll meet lots of book lovers and make lots of friends– if you make the effort to get out and meet people, anyway. And why should you make friends? Because friends keep you from feeling like you’re blogging into a void!

Us veteran bloggers know the drill: you start blogging, you wait for comments, you get no comments, you feel crappy. You visit a few blogs, you get some comments, you start making connections– you feel awesome! So what’s the key to feeling awesome when you blog? Making connections with other bloggers!

This is where making friends comes in. One of the ways you can keep from getting discouraged about stuff– big and small– is to have a friend who’s got your back. This can be either a real life friend or an internet friend, btw. Friends cheer you up when you’re in a slump, they help you work through ideas for new blog features, they stalk you on Goodreads and Twitter to see what you’re reading, and so on! Plus, and this is probably most important, friends make you feel connected to the larger book blogging world. In a blogosphere that’s getting bigger all the time, making friends and staying connected to them will keep you from feeling like you’re falling between the cracks.

Making friends is kind of intimidating, but book bloggers are some of the friendliest people I know and it isn’t all that hard to make a blogger friend or two. The easiest way to make a blogging friend is by commenting a lot on their blog. If you don’t let people know you’re there, that you’re reading their blog and that you’re willing to interact with them, then how will they know you want to be friends?

So! Get out there and comment (or tweet, or whatever). Meet people. Make friends! It’ll make blogging a lot more fun than if you just blog all on your own.

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