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So classes started here on Monday, and I’m already feeling a) overwhelmed and b) extremely capable. “Overwhelmed” because there is a LOT to do in each class, a lot of writing and reading. “Capable” because I think I can handle it. Unfortunately I can only handle it if I cut out some time spent on hobbies. Hobbies like blogging and reading-for-fun.

I don’t plan on completely cutting out blogging (or fun reading), but I suspect I’ll be doing it a lot less than I was in previous semesters. So here’s what’ll change:

  • Reviews will be shorter and probably there’ll be more of them in one post. Like my mini-reviews posts are.
  • I’ll be cutting out memes, including my Thursday Tea meme and Sunday Salon (which were the only ones I was doing, anyway).
  • I’ll be absent for most blogging community things (including comments and events), though I’ll check in on the more important ones.

Now let’s see how well I’ll keep to my plan! I’ll be Tweeting when I can so you can keep up with me there if you want. Or you can email me, because I’ll always have time for emails! 😀

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  1. I wrote a post similar to this for today’s Sunday Salon. Even though I’m not the one going back to school, I still feel my kids’ pain. Also, the start of the school year makes my schedule more hectic, as well. Good luck getting that balancing act right!

  2. thanks for commenting on my blog… because otherwise i never would have found this amazing trove of book-related awesomeness! i can’t wait to start following your readings. 🙂

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