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Diana Wynne Jones’ new book, Enchanted Glass, came out today! My copy is coming in the mail. Yay! Double yay!

Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon is this Saturday. You can still sign up to participate, or to be a cheerleader! I’m going to be reading, though I still haven’t decided if I’m doing lots of little books or one big book. Probably I’ll end up doing little books; I still have a buttload of James Bond books to get through from the LAST read-a-thon.

This has been going around the book blogger blogosphere today, but in case you haven’t seen it yet: Book Blogger Survey for Improving Blogger-Publisher Relations! And, since Trish did it first, I thought I’d post my stats to give you an idea of what an average book blogger’s looks like:

Average daily unique hits: 100-200
Monthly average: about 3000-4000
Last year I had 33,238 unique hits total.
I’ve got about…85 subscribers? as of today.

Please note that:
a. I’ve been blogging for over a year now.
b. I’m not posting my stats to make you feel bad.
c. I don’t really think stats are all that important except maybe to publishers/authors, so if you’re not trying to get a lot of review copies I wouldn’t worry about anything. (None of the publishers/authors who have contacted me seem to be worried about stats, by the way.) If your goal is to get a lot of review copies, then, uh, I don’t know. Read this post, maybe.
d. Even if you don’t care about review copies you should do the survey anyway, because it’s Good Thing to help fellow bloggers out. Yeah.

Okay, now I’ve gone off topic. New Diana Wynne Jones book! I’m all over the place tonight, I swear.

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  1. Thank you so much for your support of the survey, for getting why it’s important, and for encouraging your readers to check it out! And oh yeah—thanks for having the guts to post those stats! I’m happy to see bloggers demystifying the process.

  2. Aa! Yay! I am so happy! I lost track of when that book was coming out except for a vague feeling that it was going to be in the springtime. I’m going to go buy it this evening after work, because apart from her new book, today kinda sucks.

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