Summer Class 2010, Day 4: P.G. Wodehouse Intro

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On Friday (day 4), we basically just watched videos. Specifically, we watched this featurette about P.G. Wodehouse’ life, the first half of an episode of the Jeeves and Wooster adaptation starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, and also some clips from various movie adaptations of Three Men in a Boat.

I don’t really feel like getting into a biography of P.G. Wodehouse at the moment (which is partly why this post is late), but basically it seems like he was a sweet, naive man who wasn’t much cut out for the real world without the support of his wife and step-daughter, who (mostly) kept him from becoming entangled in something silly and disastrous. I think this explains why all his books seem super insulated from the “real world,” something that tends to annoy the more cynical of us.

To keep this post from getting uber boring, here’s my favorite clip of the 1975 Three Men in a Boat movie, starring Tim Curry, Michael Palin, and Stephen Moore. It’s the bit with the tin of pineapple:

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  1. lol! my husband has attempted several PG books in the past with little success. he seems to write reeeallly long sentences from what i recall!

    as for tim curry, who doesn’t love him? he will always be rooster from ‘annie’ to me!

    1. I actually do like PGW’s books, but I can’t read too many of them at one time because eventually I get frustrated with the lack of character depth. But they are fun to read on a lazy summer afternoon. ;D

      Tim Curry has done so many great movies that I CANNOT pick my favorite (and you can’t make me!), but I do love him enormously as that mean hotel manager from Home Alone 2!

  2. That’s always been my exact impression of P.G. Wodehouse, and it’s not a terribly flattering one. I expect I’d have liked him better in person. But it does put a damper on my enjoyment of his books.

    Tim Curry. With his hat tilted to exactly the right angle. He’s so young and skinny in that clip!

    1. Yeah, people that aren’t street-smart tend to be looked down upon, and unfortunately he wasn’t even funny in real life so people were disappointed in that respect, too. But I suppose he must have been a very nice person, almost like a doddering grandfather or something.

      And yes! Tim Curry! This is, like, a year before Rocky Horror Picture Show? He’s practically svelte.

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