TSS (Dec. 12)

The Sunday Salon.com Big news! Birdbrain(ed) is now self-hosted! Yay!

Yesterday I decided to actually use the hosting plan I bought for my other blog (that I never use) for this one (which I use all the time). And so the past 48 hours or so have been spent trying to set everything up. I think it’s mostly done, except for some problems with the spacing on the sidebar and some weird thing the title is doing on every page but the front. I’ll figure it out eventually, I expect.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken the opportunity to switch the RSS feed from the standard useless one to a new Feedburner feed. Well, I say “new” but really I’ve had it up since I first started Birdbrain(ed), but it was easier to just use the WordPress.com one. Anyway, this is the important part: If you’ve subscribed to this blog under birdbrainbb.net/feed, please switch to THIS NEW FEED NOW.

One more time:

If you’ve subscribed to this blog under birdbrainbb.net/feed, please switch to THIS NEW FEED NOW.

Thanks! (And sorry for the trouble.) I THINK I’ve set up a thing so it’ll redirect people who’ve subscribed under the old RSS feed to the new one, but I have no idea if it works or not. I guess if you’re seeing this, it has? I HAVE set up the redirector correctly! HUZZAH! So you can still stay on the old RSS link if you want, it’ll just forward you. Or something. 😀 (Sometimes I feel braindead.)

Other changes: I’ve changed the header to something slightly more winter-y, the color scheme is now blue, and I’m super tired. And I sort of want to throw Bueno out the window, so I may change themes again. Other upcoming changes: I think I’ll be adding a small ad banner in the sidebar. Possibly two? I suppose it depends on what they are. Also I’ll probably be fiddling around with the layout and whatnot for the next few days, just until it looks the way I want it to.

Update: I HAVE thrown Bueno out the window. Am now fiddling with a new theme. Lots of options in it!

Do you self-host your WordPress blog? Do you have any tips for me?

I can’t be bothered to do any links tonight as I’ve just spent two hours fixing my categories and that’s some exhausting work. And the widgets still need fixing, aieee~

2nd Update: I got my energy back! Book news:

Books read this week:
231. Agnes Grey – Anne Bronte [rating: TBD]
232. Mike and Psmith – P.G. Wodehouse [rating: TBD]

Books reviewed this week:
220. Suicide Excepted – Cyril Hare [rating: Buy it] %
228. Mr Scarborough’s Family – Anthony Trollope [rating: Borrow it]

Currently reading:
Too many books. But mostly The Fort and another Psmith book. Finals are nearly over! Then it’ll be awesome!

12 thoughts on “TSS (Dec. 12)”

  1. Wowza – huge and beautiful and awesome changes! Congratulations!!!! BUT… I can no longer click a button to subscribe to comment replies – any way you can get that back with self-hosted? It’s how I know if there are other interesting responses. hehe

    1. Thank you! 😀 Still tweaking the colors and sidebars, but I think basically it’s where I want it to be?

      And thanks for letting me know about the comment subscription thing! I have to install a plugin, I think? And then it’ll work again.

        1. Yay! Let me know how it goes– I tried to pick a plugin that wasn’t annoying. I remember some people were complaining on Twitter about having to confirm a subscription or something, so I deliberately didn’t pick that one. Does this one work out alright? :O

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