Very quick reviews: November 2015, part 4 (yet more romances)

This is the last of the November batch reviews! Huzzah! As a sidenote, I wanted to let everyone know that Marvel Unlimited has a promo going for a free month’s subscription using the code FORCE. If you’ve been wanting to read series like Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, etc., this would be a really great way to get ahold of them for cheap!

The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones

Most exciting thing about my Scribd trial subscription: finding, like, FIVE Diana Wynne Jones books I haven’t read yet! Yay! One of those books is The Time of the Ghost, and I will admit freely that I mixed it up with A Tale of Time City for like ten years. In reality, though, The Time of the Ghost is more similar to Hexwood in structure and tone and “wtf is going on”-ness. I will also Read More …