TBR Wishlist: Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding

The book: Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding (also Shamela, by the same)
The location: the My Girl is Not a Slut page at TV Tropes
The reason:

This trope is at the centre of Samuel Richardson’s 1740 novel Pamela Or Virtue Rewarded. It’s the story of a woman who’s sexually harassed by her boss, and when she rejects him he falsely accuses her of having sex with a clergyman. No matter how he torments her and pursues her, she always rejects him to protect her “modesty.” Finally, he’s so impressed with her, that she gets a reward — she gets to marry him!

And Henry Fielding hated Pamela so much that he wrote two parodies of it — a subversion called Shamela and an inversion called Joseph Andrews. Joseph Andrews is about a man who’s sexually harassed by his woman boss. Characters make constant declarations on the value of male chastity throughout, and the novel draws most of its humour from this role-reversal.

I’m pretty sure that if I read Pamela, I’d hate it with a fiery passion, and thus I think I’d probably like Joseph Andrews. Anyone read it? Is it actually good? Or is it just good by virtue of not being Pamela?

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