TBR Wishlist: The Black Count by Tom Reiss

Black CountThe book: The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo by Tom Reiss
The rec: Guys Lit Wire (Dec. 2012)
The reason:

What if I were to suggest that the Alexandre Dumas classic The Count of Monte Cristo was partially based on a true story? Or if some of the swashbuckling in The Three Musketeers came from stories passed down father to son? And what if it turned out that much of the inspiration in Dumas’ tales came from a mixed race general who fought alongside Napoleon but was despised because everyone assumed the striking black man charging ahead fearlessly on his horse he really was the one in charge?

I suppose you can guess the final question: What if I were to tell you that this striking historical figure was, in fact, Alexandre Dumas’ father? Author Tom Reiss’ delivers all this and so much more in The Black Count: Glory, Revollution, Betrayl, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo, the biography of Thomas-Alexandre Dumas.

The question is: how could I NOT want to read this?! I loved The Count of Monte Cristo and Alexandre Dumas himself was an interesting person, so a biography about his father sounds amazing.

Although…I THOUGHT that the Count was based off of a true story of a criminal who was betrayed and sent to prison and so on, and then got out and killed the people who put him there? Not…Dumas’ father. Hm.

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2 thoughts on “TBR Wishlist: The Black Count by Tom Reiss”

  1. I think it is interesting that Alexandre Dumas was perpetually dealing with racism because of his father. I never heard about that before ever. People did cruel racist caricatures of him!

    1. It’s not something that’s really talked about, I think? I mean, all I can remember reading about it is that he was indeed half-black. Not what anyone thought about it/him/how they treated him/etc. Not even in my fancy edition of The Count of Monte Cristo– which had LOTS footnotes!

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