That Darn CueCat

Image borrowed from LibraryThing
Image borrowed from LibraryThing

My CueCat came in last Thursday, and a few people were wondering how I liked it. The short answer: it’s awesome.

The long answer: it’s pretty much useless if I only have one or two books to input, but I didn’t let that stop me. I added the few books I got over the weekend (and Feed) and I already feel more professional and mature (for some odd reason). I probably actually only shaved off around 30-45 seconds from manually inputting ISBNs, not including tagging, but I’m going to keep using the CueCat even for adding a small number of books because a) I bought it! I should use it, right? b) it prevents me from making stupid typos late at night when I can barely keep my eyes open, never mind typing in 9-digit numbers.

Oh! And also, I’ve forced my mom to get a LibraryThing account (well, she hasn’t signed up yet, but whenever she does…) and the Cat should help lots.

I suppose the real test of how much time I’ll save is next month when I bring back my library book sale haul. This month it took me around an hour to manually add ~50 books. I’ll let you all know if I fare better with the Cat. 😀

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  1. I’ve been thinking of getting this – it can be modified (supposedly) to work with dvd barcodes as well!!

    . . . You’re it! (Don’t worry – this one is easy!!)

    🙂 Wendi

  2. I’ve been thinking about buying one of those. I definitely could have used it after the library sale last month. That was sooo tedious! I’m glad to hear stories of people liking it so much!

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