That time I read a book a day for over a week!

2015 started off amazing for me, book-wise! Somehow I managed to read–as in, start and finish–one book every day from January 1st ’til the 9th. And they weren’t all small books, either! Most of them were, like 350-400+ pages long.

Okay, so HOW did I do this? Well:
a) I read pretty fast when I’m not distracted by my phone/email/Twitter/etc. I ended up hiding my phone in another room and setting my iPad to play music; that kept me from the constant checking of email and whatnot.
b) I stuck with books that grabbed me immediately. If a book wasn’t interesting or enthralling in the first 50 pages, I dumped it.
c) I have a really long commute! Which means more time for reading. I also brought my Kindle with me wherever I went (including Disneyland!) so I could read a chapter or two while waiting in lines.

On the 10th of January, I hit a slump. I couldn’t find any good books and nothing was working and the whole thing went to pot. I was still reading, but I wasn’t reading with the intensity that I had been the week before.

Still, I’m really proud of myself for reading so much so fast, and I totally want to see if I can do it again next month.

What awesome book-related thing have you done so far this year?

6 thoughts on “That time I read a book a day for over a week!”

  1. That is great! When I was doing the Bout of Books, I did that as well. One day, I actually read two books in a day. Ha. I wouldn’t say that I am in a slump, but I’m trying to slow down a bit with my reading so I can savor it a little. 🙂

  2. Damn girl, way to go! I haven’t done anything magnificently impressive, reading-wise, this year. And I’ve just realized that I’m going to have to take a blogging break for February, as some things are coming up that would make it tricky to blog that month. Eek! Anti-impressive things!

    1. We do what we can when we can do it! I’m actually kinda pushing myself to read a lot (and watch movies and play video games) because I’m pretty sure I won’t have any time for fun once I start grad school in the fall. Gotta get my kicks in now!

  3. Normally January is a pretty slow reading month for me but I passed 3000 pages, near double what I usually read! I’m happy about that. And yet, I can’t remember the last time I started and finished a non-children’s book in one day. I kind of want to do that again someday!

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