The Black Moth readalong: Chapters 27-30! (#heyermonth)

And we’re finally here! The home stretch! These last few chapters are basically just a big fight scene and then some wrapping up; I think I found it more exciting the first time I read it, because this time around I skimmed almost everything.

But Georgette Heyer does write pretty good swordfights, eh? I particularly liked how each person was an excellent fighter, but in realistic ways. They got tired, they were injured, they didn’t waste breathe quipping antagonistic things at each other. It’s an exciting section of the book, but also fairly short.

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Actually, all these chapters are short. They move like lighting– sword fight/rescue, smooch smooch smooch, semi-amiable reconciliation, and then BAM! Marriage, flaunting of happiness, etc. The end! It almost seems a little too fast, but that, too, is typical of a Georgette Heyer book. Once the ending is in sight, it tends to happen quicker than you might like.

Yay for happy endings! Did anyone else like the “twist”? By which I mean: nobody cast Tracy out into the wilderness or something. He, and the other, agree to keep things pleasant between them (on the outside at least) for fear of a scandal. Makes total sense, because Tracy’s Richard’s brother-in-law and having it known that Tracy tried to kidnap/forcibly marry Richard’s brother’s wife would be…not good.

AND THEN! I really liked that last little scene with Tracy. He’s a terrible person, but we get a little glimpse into the not-so-terrible part of him when he says he regrets treating Diana like he did. He shouldn’t have done it in the first place, but it’s nice that he knows that (kinda). It gives him more depth than the more usual villains.

What did you think of that final scene?

2 thoughts on “The Black Moth readalong: Chapters 27-30! (#heyermonth)”

  1. I was actually quite surprised by the Tracy twist at the end — him just saying “oh well, I guess you won and I lost. better luck for me next time.” It was totally unexpected! Not that it makes me dislike him any less but just that I’m just as satisfied with him being disappointed and having to see the lovely couple probably dozens of times over the coming years. And his friend saying “I told you so” was too funny. 🙂

    This was a fun book. Thanks for hosting the read-along! It would have sat on my shelf a lot longer if you hadn’t.

    1. Yes! I think it’s a perfect kind of revenge to rub his nose in their happiness for the rest of their lives. AND maybe it’s taught him not to be a monster towards women? Maybe? idk.

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