The Black Moth readalong: Chapters 9-17! (#heyermonth)

Actually these are kinda boring chapters? I mean, a lot happens in them! To wit, Jack and Diana finally meet! And fall in love like BOOM (not unusual for a Georgette Heyer book, tbh) and they’re both ridiculous and also desperate. But most of the actual plot happens in the chapter 9ish, when Jack fights Tracy and gets wounded. the black moth sourcebooks

Because of his wounds, he can’t do much besides mope around (and fall in love), so a lot of the movement that was in the first 8 chapters is missing in these ones. Jack spends most of his time with either Diana or Miles, and since Mrs. Miles has convinced him to stay with them until he’s completely healed (instead of running away from France like he wanted), I don’t remember much action happening re:characters physically moving around in the near future.

Does anyone else find Jack and Diana’s romance super silly? Like, SHE’S determined to marry him no matter WHAT, and instead of coming off as romantically headstrong, she just comes off as childish. She’s, what, 18 or something? To me it reads as the intense pangs of a first love, the kind of thing that makes you do crazy stuff like marry a highway robber.

Jack’s older and has less excuse to be silly, but at least his silliness is backed up by honor or something. As he IS the highway robber, I think it’s very decent of him to not marry Diana! On the other hand, he could very easily stick himself back onto the good side of the law, and refusing to do so because of reasons yet unseen (though I think it’s because he loves his brother, which is also pretty darned noble) in the way he’s done is very much like Diana over-the-top reactions.

But it all fits with the hyper-drama that is the world of The Black Moth, so I don’t actually have that much of a problem with silly people being in love and causing themselves heartache!

Was anyone else shocked that Tracy actually tried to kidnap Diana? He said he might do it if she kept refusing him, but it’s such a ludicrous thing to do from my modern times POV that I was sure he was just joking. Until he DID IT. (Or almost did it.)

Sidenote: I kept thinking “WHERE ARE THE POLICE” during the kidnapping scene/afterwards, but apparently there actually weren’t any police officers in early 1700s England. London’s Bow Street Runners, the precusor to modern police forces, wasn’t even established until 1749.1

This is the MIDWAY POINT! Official midway point check-in, right here right now. How are y’all doing with your reading? Are you on track? Have you fallen behind? What’s UP, y’all?


  1. An ex-Bow Street Runners shows up in The Quiet Gentleman, btw! Today’s fun fact for y’all.

2 thoughts on “The Black Moth readalong: Chapters 9-17! (#heyermonth)”

  1. Yeah, now that I think of it, it sure seems like Miles could have done something about the attempted kidnapping. Although, the testimony of a disgraced nobleman/highwayman and a young woman probably wouldn’t be valued much.
    Also, I’m not sure why Jack didn’t tell Diana what Tracy’s real identity was so that she could avoid him in future. It seems inevitable that he will somehow get her in his disgusting grasp again before the story ends because she won’t know to avoid him.
    I didn’t find much wrong with the romance part of it. Jack was vulnerable as was Diana and he has that winning smile and she is young and dark-haired. It was inevitable. 😉
    I loved Miles and Mrs. Miles both and really hope we see a decent amount more of them. And if brother doesn’t get his shiz together soon and admit that he’s a cheater and a coward, I’m going to be very disappointed. (Plus, his wife needs a nice smackdown, eh?)

    I’m really liking this one so far. Thanks for getting me to pull it off my shelves this month! 🙂

    1. Why do I always forget that Miles is a law-related person?! Maybe because he doesn’t do anything except drag Jack back to his house.

      Also, yes, totally agree about Jack’s weirdness re:not telling Diana who Tracy was. He looked at it like some sort of honorable thing to not tell, when REALLY the honorable thing to do is tell the lady who attacked her! Sheesh!

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