The dust! The dust!

Yup, that’s right. I’m changing themes! I got bored of my last one and needed something with a bit more color, and I think this one might work out fine. I just have to, uh, tweak a few more things and make another header.

I’m not used to the sidebar being on the left but I love how the entries look now, and the subscribe button that’s up in the navigation bar (though it’s not my FeedBurner account…). What do you all think? Ignore the lack of custom header for a moment and my incomplete sidebar– is this set-up as easy to read as my old one was? Is the navigation easy to figure out?

Edit: Argh, the comments are now way down at the bottom of the page, below the sidebar. Is that too annoying? I could get used to it, but…hm. Maybe I can fix it somehow.

Edit 2: Yay, my new header is up! It’s more simple than my last one, but I think a quote at the top of the page would make the whole thing seem top heavy. I quite like that painting, too: it’s “Dreams” by Vittorio Matteo Crocos. See the whole thing here. (Bird added by me.)

Still trying to figure out a way to fix the comments, but I don’t know if I can. Help?

Edit 3: Okay! So as long as my entries are longer than my sidebar (which I’ve trimmed to its limit), I should be fine. Aha. Hah. Hum.

I notice, though, that my categories drop-down menu is cut off on the right there. Sheesh! And this is otherwise such a nice theme. I think maybe for my one year blog anniversary I’ll just buy myself some webspace and host my blog there. Yay? (Plugins!)

Anyway, I’m done for the most part. What do you think? Yay? Or nay?

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