The great 2013 Reading Challenges challenge!

When I first started blogging, I joined a LOT of reading challenges. They were all the rage four years ago; EVERYONE did at least one reading challenge, and if you didn’t do a challenge you were way less cool than the people who DID. Nowadays reading challenges have fallen out of favor. Readalongs and blog tours and things that like are super popular, and while I like all those things I kinda miss doing challenges.

I haven’t done any for the past two years, mainly because when I DID join a challenge I invariably gave up halfway through the year. It was depressing and stressful and I made the decision to stop. Here’s the thing, though: I MISS doing challenges now! Maybe I’m just ready for a more structured reading year, maybe I just want to go back to the time when I was a newbie blogger and everything was exciting and new, maybe I just want to try and see if I can actually complete a challenge for once. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to make 2013 the Year of the Reading Challenges.1

I think it’ll be fun! Especially because I’m going to do the challenges “right” for once. The idea behind a challenge isn’t just to read a certain number of books that fit into certain categories. It’s ALSO to join the community doing the challenges! Nearly every reading challenge has got monthly round-ups or discussions, and when I was new I tended to skip those (I can’t remember why). So! Here’s my personal set of rules for my Year of Reading Challenges.

    1. Join in on the monthly round-ups/discussions at least six times (so once every two months, at minimum).
    2. Only join challenges with a set challenge category. For example, challenges that’re just “read this many books in a year” don’t count. “Read this many books about cats,” DOES count.
    3. If, after six months, I don’t feel as enthusiastic about a challenge as I did when I joined it, I can drop that challenge.
    4. Year-long challenges are okay, as are shorter ones (like the RIP reading challenge in the fall). There’s no minimum length a challenge has to last.
    5. Readalongs, book clubs, and book tours don’t count as challenges, but I’m going to encourage myself to join as many of them as I want, too.

That said, I haven’t actually decided WHICH reading challenges I’m going to join yet. I’m making a list of 2013 reading challenges though, and I’ve put that list on this page here. Check it out if you’d like! I’d love it if a few of my friends joined in on the challenges, too. 😀

If you’re hosting a reading challenge, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!


  1. my last “year of reading challenges” was in 2010, haha! I think I gave that one up after three months. Let’s see how long I can last THIS time.

4 thoughts on “The great 2013 Reading Challenges challenge!”

  1. I am sort of pleased challenges aren’t as big a thing now as they used to be. I always got resentful of them halfway through the year and felt terribly guilty to the challenge hosts because I was being a bad participant. BUT I like it when everyone reads themey books so hooray for you, hooray for you!

    1. Me too! But it’s just like blogging: you always think people EXPECT things from you, when really nobody cares. 😛 They’re just happy when YOU’RE happy, I think.

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