The Sunday Salon (Apr. 1):The Hunger Games movie review

The Sunday Happy April, everyone! I’m going to do my monthly review later this week. Today I want to try and catch up on writing reviews, which have really piled up lately because I’ve been reading SO many good books that all deserve a longish review. I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m basically reading three trilogies all at once, which is strange. Usually I try to break up series books so I don’t get overwhelmed, but these three trilogies were just so exciting I didn’t want to wait too long to continue reading them!

Anyway, since I’ve just finished writing my review for The Hunger Games, I thought now would be a good time to review the movie! There will probably be spoilers, btw.

I saw it last week, and it was AMAZING. I read the book beforehand (just because), and I think it’s a really good adaptation. Yes, there are things that are different/cut/etc. But most of what was cut or changed wasn’t really all that important1 and the important stuff that was changed was changed in a way that made sense in the movie-verse. I LOVED that the POV was changed from first person to omniscient, too– it made the narrative much more interesting than it would have been had it been solely Katniss’ POV.

Speaking of Katniss: HEY NOW JEN L. How fantastic are YOU? IMMENSELY FANTASTIC. I’d never heard of her before this movie but she’s an amazing actress and the amount of emotional depth she shoved onto Katniss’ face was breathtaking. She really made the entire movie for me.

Other actors! They were awesome, too. Liam Hemsworth? Super hot. Josh Hutcherson? Adorable! Woody Harrelson? Made me like Haymitch. Amandla Stenberg! OH GOD. So. freaking. CUTE. Jacqueline Emerson was totally Foxface and Elizabeth Banks made Effie Trinket way more interesting than she is in the book. Everyone else was fantastic as well– Donald Sutherland (cuddly but deadly?), Lenny Kravitz (needed more screentime), Isabelle Fuhrman (scary yet cute), Willow Shields (I could just squish her to death with how cute she is)! Yay actors!

The camera work– okay, wtf is with the shaky cam, y’all? It works for some things but I don’t think a pan over the Seam necessarily needs it. Especially not when it’s the only first five minutes and I feel like puking. Bah. Otherwise, though, it’s a very prettily-shot film, with some great moments later on in the movie (non-shaky cam moments!). I loved the colors, too! They were saturated without making it look like a Wes Anderson film (nice, but completely different in tone to THG).

There were some bumps in the Path to Awesome, of course. I wish that Rue’s subplot had been longer than, like, five minutes. I wish that Katniss’ flashbacks to when she was dying of starvation looked less like a bad night out on the town and Peeta had the cure to her hangover. I also wish that Peeta’s leg injury was more of a big deal, or at least his sickness because of it. He looked injured, yeah, but not like he was actually DYING. More like he had a lot of bad gas. Also, that one other really young tribute? The one with the curly hair who died at the Cornucopia? I feel so bad for him! No one gives a shit that he died, and he must have been as young as Rue. Poor little curly-haired no-name kid.

But overall it was a GREAT movie. It was exciting, and heart-breaking, and the romance didn’t even annoy me! I actually liked it more than I liked the book! I definitely want to see it again when it goes to the dollar theater, and I’m totally going to buy it when it comes out on DVD and watch it over and over again until I get sick of it. Hopefully by that point the second movie will be out soon, and then I’ll have something to look forward to.

Have you seen The Hunger Games movie? What’re your thoughts on it?

Weekly Book Stats

Books read this week:
056. Land of the Burning Sands – Rachel Neumeier [rating: 4] e
057. The Knife of Never Letting Go – Patrick Ness [rating: 5] e
058. Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins [rating: 4.5] e
059. Law of the Broken Earth – Rachel Neumeier [rating: 4] e
060. Vodnik – Bryce Moore [rating: TBD] eR

All of these books need proper reviews. I just have too many feelings! Which is a good thing, I think.

Books reviewed this week:
041. Haint Misbehavin’ – Maureen Hardegree [rating: 4] e
042. The Tail of Emily Windsnap – Liz Kessler [rating: 3] e
044. Pizzicato – Rusalka Reh [rating: 3] e
049. The Poison Diaries – Maryrose Wood [rating: 3.5] e

Books acquired this week:

I really need some more Amazon gift cards, haha! I’ve almost used up all of mine.

Currently reading:
I’m about halfway through Mockingjay, the third Hunger Games book. I’m liking it, although I can totally see why people don’t like the shift in focus/tone/etc.


  1. for instance, the size of the bags for the tributes during the feast. In the book, they’re different sizes. In the movie, they’re all one size. Not a big deal, really, although some people are VERY nit-picky.

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (Apr. 1):The Hunger Games movie review”

    1. I liked both, really, but yeah: the movie was just a bit more fun. I think it was mostly because of JLaw’s acting, actually!

  1. I totally loved The Hunger Games as well! It was such a fantastic adaptation of the book. I’m so glad they didn’t make it all glamorous and Hollywood-ish, it really kept to the overall tone of the novel. It was also the first movie in ages that actually made me really emotional- you could really feel what Katniss was going through- Jennifer Lawrence is totally amazing!

  2. I’m preeeeetty excited to see this. My plan is to get my coworkers to get margaritas and go see it with me sometime this week or next. Win!

  3. I loved it too! I thought it was better than the book. SO GOOD. I’ve already seen it twice. Though Rue’s part was so short, it was probably proportionally the right amount of time. And it was all you needed – you still got the emotional rip-your-heart-out sadness of her death. SENECA’S BEARD. It is a character on its own right.

    1. SENECA’S BEARD. I think they gave that to him so we’d remember who he is. I’d completely forgotten him after reading THG, lol.

  4. I’ve seen the movie twice, but I still like the book better, because reading the book was more intense than watching the movie was. But I heart Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. I had seen Lawrence in Winter’s Bone early last year, about the time she was announced for the role of Katniss, and I was immediately on board with that casting. (By the way, the book Winter’s Bone is fantastic and one of my favorites.) She was great in the Hunger Games. I also liked their use of sound in the film, making some parts silent or faint. I thought it was effective. Like you, not such a fan of the camera-work. And aw, the curly-haired kid. 🙁

    1. The sound! Yes, that was really cool. I like that they didn’t go overboard with the heroic themes (that I can remember, anyway).

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