The Sunday Salon (Feb. 26): One year older

The Sunday It was my birthday on Saturday! I’m 24 now! I don’t feel any different from being 23, really, but compared to my 14/15-year-old self I feel much cooler. So that’s good.

If you didn’t know, I took a break from blogging this week. It was nice! I read books, didn’t worry about writing posts, etc. Stuffed my face full of rock candy, which probably wasn’t a good idea. And now I’m trying to figure out how to catch up on my reviews before the end of the month. The thing about taking a blogging break is that getting back into the flow is like climbing uphill in a snowstorm while dragging an anvil behind you. Yuck.

Review notes are nice because they go quick, but they do feel a bit like I’m cheating somehow. But who cares, right? I just gotta get something down before the plots start blurring too badly and any chance of a semi-coherent review (notes or otherwise) is gone.

How do you get back in the reviewing groove after a blogging break? Any tips for me?

Weekly Book Stats

Books read this week:
034. Dust – Arthur Slade [rating: 4] e
035. My Fair Godmother – Janette Rallison [rating: 3] e
036. Wish – Alexandra Bullen [rating: 3.5] e
037. Who What Wear: The Allegra Biscotti Collection – Olivia Bennett [rating: 3.5] e
038. Goy Crazy – Melissa Schorr [rating: 4] e

Books reviewed this week:

Books acquired this week:

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (Feb. 26): One year older”

  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your blogging break, hope the catching up goes as smoothly as climbing uphill during a snowstorm with an anvil can go. 😉

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